Thursday, July 29

My Good Friend, Art

I want to tell you about my good friend, Art. I don’t remember the first time Art and I met, but I was just a little kid.

We used to spend time together on long, summer afternoons when it was too hot to go outside and play. We would spend hours together making up things and drawing pictures. Those were the days when our imagination took us many places. We were in the jungle, and we were race car drivers. I liked to draw cars, and Art would look over my shoulder and encourage me.

Growing up, we hung around together, taking lessons sometimes, but more often than not, just drawing and not getting into too much trouble most of the time.

During our teen years, things changed as they often do in those growing-up times, and Art and I didn’t hang out as much anymore. Maybe I thought I was too cool for my good friend. Whatever, Art and I went our separate ways.

Time went by.

Life has a way of taking you down different paths, and as you might guess, Art and I lost touch with each other completely. Every once in a while I would wonder what Art was doing and if our paths would ever cross again.

Well, as sometimes happens to old, but good, friends, we ran into each other somewhat unexpectedly a couple of years ago. I was going through a box with some old papers and other items I had saved over the years, and what do you know?

I found a box of oil pastels that Art and I used way back when.

I decided to look up Art and try and find out what's been going on. As it turned out, after all these years Art wasn’t very far away at all. I got back in touch and, surprisingly, picked up pretty much where we left off after all these years.

Just to bring you up to date, we’re hanging around again. We draw and paint just like when I was a kid. It's good to keep in touch with old friends like Art.

Until next blog…

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