Monday, July 12

To the Inventor of GESSO--Thank You!

My Next Motif?

Well, the big party here is finally over after a weekend celebrating the birthday of OrbisPlanis and greeting well wishers (and a few hangers-on).

This must be how they’re feeling all over Espana this morning, too, after the big World Cup win, but now back to the reality.

My art goal this week is to settle down and do some good work. Maybe it was the birthday vibe or whatever, but I worked and worked on an acrylic Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but it was absolutely NO GOOD.

The proportions were wrong. I painted two people walking on a pier with the ocean and sky behind them, but they were too large to look anything but oversized (and I wasn't going for abstraction). The colors were wrong, too. I think I spent too much time and effort working on the pier rather than the people or the water.

For whatever reason, the color of the pier was difficult for me to capture. It’s the silver-y mauve, gray beige-y color of weathered wood at sunset so you have that golden effect, too. Anyway, I was not able to create the colors believably.

So, I GESSO'D over the whole canvas.

I would personally like to thank whomever was the inventor of gesso for their wisdom and insight into the creativity of artists. Such a simple act takes such a burden off. Like hitting the delete button.

What a relief! Now I will have a fresh start on a new painting.

I haven’t selected my next motif as yet, but I’m leaning toward a soft focus display of wildflowers by the roadside with the palette being primary colors plus green, as seen above.

What do you think? I’ll see what the week brings.

Until next blog…

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