Thursday, July 8

Happy 2nd Birthday to OrbisPlanis!

Two Years of Art Blogging on OrbisPlanis!

Let the party begin to celebrate the 2nd birthday of OrbisPlanis!

Hard to believe two years of art blogging have gone by so quickly. Art and art blogging are as enjoyable for me today as when I began two years ago.

I thought you might like to take a quick look-back to celebrate this occasion with me.

My very first written art blog was: A New Art Blog on How to Renew Your Skills from July 10, 2008.

So much has happened in and to the world since then. When I started the art blog, I just wanted to blog about how I was re-engaging with art after a long absence.

The first year and a half was primarily about the discoveries and re-discoveries I was making about art, artists, techniques, museums, tools, and art trivia in general.

Although I haven’t added up the exact numbers, the three most viewed of the OrbisPlanis blogs, based on the frequency of visitors are:

How To Paint the Color Of Shadows from May 1, 2009

About Cold Press and Hot Press Watercolor Paper from April 9, 2009

And this third one I find surprising:

Discovering “Blue Boy,” “Pinkie,” and “Red Boy” from December 28, 2009

I can’t tell you exactly why these are the most popular of the blogs, other than people are interested in these subjects. Plus, I think it’s the Google search engine algorithm. The more people visit, the higher up the link is listed, and the more visible the link, the more people visit, etc.

FYI-a few months ago I redefined the blog slightly to focus a bit more on my personal journey through art.

The blogs since then are about my daily and weekly painting activities and personal observations about art.

My goal is to make the blog more human for other artists with similar experiences. Please continue to visit often and let me know what you think.

I’m proud OrbisPlanis is still around. I'll just keep art blogging.

Until next blog…

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