Thursday, July 1

In Addition to Being 'Just a Guy Who Likes to Paint,' I'm a Tennis Fan, Too

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This is another of my TTO blogs, which stands for This, That, and the Other.

I admit it, I’m preoccupied this week (OK and last week, too). You see, I’m a tennis fan in addition to being ‘just a guy who likes to paint.’

I watch all the Grand Slams in addition to as many of the other tournaments and Davis Cups as possible. When I turned on ATT U-Verse this morning, I was thrilled to see their message that they are going to add The Tennis Channel to their line-up. Hoo-ray. I’ve been waiting for them to add this channel. Of course, you have to pay extra, but I’m sure it will be worth every penny.

If there were a pure Art channel I would just as enthusiastically add that, too. As it is, you have to keep on the look-out for programs about art on TV and the internet.

I have been watching a series on a channel with the most pretentious name—Wealth TV. At least I think it's a pretentious name. Please. People are not that shallow. What were they thinking? Anyway, the series is on art museums of the world. I’ve seen one in Berlin, one in India, the Frick Collection in New York, which was pretty interesting. It's not the greatest show about art but informative all the same.

Although glued to ESPN the last two weeks, I have been keeping up with my painting, just not quite as much as usual.

In my last blog I told you I had thrown away my latest watercolor, but I did re-cycle the paper. And I said I had decided to paint the same rainy-day motif but with acrylics this time.

Well, I started on it yesterday, and what a difference. I feel much better about it (the motif) now. It’s all falling into place. I painted the darkest areas of the scene first, so that I could better judge the values of the other colors. It almost looks like a photographic negative at this point.

I’m fine with my progress for now. I plan to finish it pretty quickly, in the next day or two, and if that happens, I’ll post it next blog.

Now back to Wimbledon!

Until next blog…

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