Thursday, July 10

A New Art Blog on How to Renew Your Art Skills


Hi-if you've found this blog and are still reading, THANK YOU! I have just re-done my blog on Google blogspot. My first experience at blogging originally started as a way to show (or was it to show off?) some of the art that I and my son had created. Well, that really wasn't working, as in no visitors except from family members (who said things like, "You need to keep busy," and then after looking at the site would say, "isn't that nice, he's found something to do.") so I decided what I really needed to do was change the focus of the blog. So I did.


I think there are others of you who, like me, would love to discuss how to get their art "out there, " but what do I know--we'll see? The goal of this blog is to discuss how to make that happen, particularly for anyone who likes/loves painting or art and is now retired. I would also like to have your input, experience, tips-and-tricks, how you did it, what works/doesn't work etc. This applies not only on how to get your artwork exhibited either online or traditionally, but also your knowledge on creating oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and pastels (for example--how quickly acrylic paint dries is driving you crazy, but if you use retarding fluid, it makes the acrylic paint lift off the canvas, and that drives you even more crazy).


I retired a little over a year ago. I really don't like the word retire. What I did do was to quit my day job, but not life. It was exhilarating to finally have time to do whatever I wanted. Very interesting. After all those years of working, what was that? I had forgotten after thirty-five years of working for someone, a mortgage, and rearing kids, etc., how much I liked to draw and paint. Wow, it was a whole new world! I think I even heard the song A Whole New World from the movie Aladdin begin to play in the background...


Anyway, what did I do? Please check back tomorrow and Iwill tell you what happened next. Right now I need to get back to my "studio" (such as it is, but that's a discussion for another day and blog) so I can put a second coat of varnish on an oil painting I finished in April that is finally dry--I hope--anyone have any advice? I've already spent way too much time today re-doing this blog!


If you think you'd like to read and contribute to a blog like this one, please leave a comment and please link this site to others who may have an interest.

See you tomorrow!

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