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July '08 Art Blogs About How to Renew Your Interest in Art

Today is July 31, and the last day of the month. (Not sure why the date is showing July 30.)

New Section in the Right Column

If you hadn't noticed, we've added new section, Links We Hope You Like, Too. We think these sites are informative, helpful, entertaining, artful, cool, I just like them, all of the above, whatever. Check them out!

Also, today is the last day to vote in this week's poll. Orbisplanis will post results on August 1 along with next week's poll. If you have a burning question you'd like us to poll our viewers, just leave a comment.

Share Orbisplanis ( with your baby boomer or retiree friends and family. You can contribute to the blog forum by leaving comments; then read what others are saying about getting started in art in retirement in your leisure time.

Monthly Review

On the last day of every month Orbisplanis will provide a brief summary of the month's blogs. That way, if you missed any, or if you just want to read them again and relive the memory, you'll be able to find them more easily. Here we go:

  • First Day of New Blog -had to start somewhere, so this was the debut of Orbisplanis; Here's an excerpt: "Why are you doing this? I think there are others of you who, like me, would love to discuss how to get their art "out there," but what do I know--we'll see? The goal of this blog is to discuss how to make that happen, particularly for anyone who likes/loves painting or art and is now retired."

  • Day 2 of New Art Blog - Orbisplanis - I hadn't gotten into the headline thing yet, so just went with Day 2; received first visitor(!); discussed the book, The Long Tail, which I have since learned was authored by Chris Anderson; and how I re-ignited my art with pencil sketching .

  • Welcome Back to Orbisplanis Online Art Blog - still not much of a headline writer, and you can see I was still getting my bearings with the blog; discussed perspective, shadow. and light; and began to encourage people to start drawing.

  • I'm Back - ouch! I had forgotten that headline; more on importance of encouragement and why retirement is freedom; how much I like line drawing and one of my favorite artists, Norman Baxter, and his book, A Line on Texas.

  • Keep On -well, give me "E" for effort with this headline; more encouragement for art lovers and would-be artists; discussed my admiration for art markers way back in the 1970s and the book, Drawing With Markers.

  • Time for Art -I think the headlines were improving--this about taking time for your art; dicussion of (The New) Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain-by Betty Edwards, about why people think they can't draw; started NEW SECTION, In the Studio, where everyday I tell briefly what I'm working on in my "studio," such as it is.

  • Staying Busy - this headline was descriptive and applauded those retirees who are staying busy, and why it's a good thing; more discussion on Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain--about the shift from L mode to R mode, and how learning to see leads to learning to draw.

  • Everyday's A New Day - and you can use it to re-start your art engine, for example, with a sketchpad; getting started by figuring out what kind of art you want to do--the "what"-drawing, painting, etc., and the "which"-medium, that is, pencil, pastel, etc.

  • Leisure Time in Retirement - you won't be disappointed if you use your leisure time for your art; followed up on the "what" and "which" with Reasons to Begin Drawing and equally good Reasons to Begin Painting.

  • The Fun Part - talked about putting some fun in your life with your artwork; let the fun begin with drawing and/or painting; started My 'Drawing' Drawer series on the art supplies and materials in my top drawer; about graphite (lead) pencils, their hardness rating (2H, etc.); same for charcoal pencils.

  • Everything to Gain - I'm liking the headlines now; this one about everything to gain by starting a new path with your art; more on art supplies and materials--this on how drawing materials are relatively inexpensive, then discussed merits of compressed charcoal and colored pencils.

  • Announcing a New Weekly Poll - added a new feature, a weekly poll to get input from viewers on their interests; continued My 'Drawing' Drawer series with discussion of Rollerball pens (pen & ink) and why I like them.

  • Join In - Take the Orbisplanis Poll - OK, I was trying to promote the poll; talked about easy living in the summertime and extra hours of daylight for more art time; more on art supplies, materials--discussed my art markers, the use of colors, and how to look for a "deal."

  • Peace of Mind - about how creating art can give Baby Boomers and retirees peace of mind; an interesting blog (I think) about Conte crayons used for drawing and sketching.

  • Leisure Time - guess my headline writing was running low by now as this one was similar to an earlier one (I knew I'd seen it somewhere); finished up My 'Drawing' Drawer series on art supplies, material and discussed the other stuff you need, erasers, sharpeners, etc.

  • July Monthly Review - and that brings us full circle; hope you find the Monthly Review useful; we'll do it again on August 31.

In the Studio

I'm in that funky time when you want to get going on the next project, but not a clue, yet, as to what it will be. In an earlier blog, I said it usually doesn't take me too long to find a subject. I'll thumb through some my "idea literature" and see what pops up. I'll let you know soon.

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