Tuesday, May 20

Out of a Painting Slump

From a Distance
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
11 x 14 in/27.9 x 35.6 cm
Copyright 2014
Last week I lamented how I had fallen into an unexpected painting slump and didn't know why.

Although still not 100 percent, I seemed to have weathered the painting storm, and I feel pretty sure I'm almost back to my normal equilibrium--that is, I've got my confidence back.

I think I know why. Having or regaining confidence is the key to overcoming a slump (or worse) in your painting life or any other life, actually.

I think the slump came about when my confidence took a dive after my inability to accept my paintings for what they were--my paintings.

After finding paintings, the style of paintings, and the work of painters that I aspire to be able to reproduce, I lost confidence when I was not able to render them at the same level or what I presume to be the same level.

And that's another thing. In addition to confidence, you should love or learn to love your own unique style of painting. Just because I think a painter or several painters are able to paint the perfect picture and achieve nirvana in the way they paint, doesn't mean everyone (or anyone) else feels the same.

I forgot that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is an audience and group of people somewhere in the world who think my paintings are perfect and that I have achieved nirvana, too.

Now that's confidence.

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