Monday, October 28

Painting in Solitude

Standing Alone
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
6 x 8 in/15.2 x 20.3 cm
Copyright 2013
I know we humans are (supposed to be) social creatures.

I'm not convinced that's true for us painters or at least not for painters who commune with their paintings more than with other painters. I would rather work in solitude for hours on and with one of my paintings rather than spend that time socializing (with painters).

That doesn't mean I don't want to learn from painters I admire, I do. I choose to learn from them by observing their work and methods in books or online or even at a gallery or museum exhibition (definitely not at the reception, though).

Workshops have a place, I'm sure, and providing them may be an economic necessity for some. But it's basically a group activity in which you're expected to participate, that is, be social. No, I don't think so.

I suppose today's image in some way represents my feelings on the subject.

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