Tuesday, October 8

Why Paint a "Study?"

Study for Somewhere in Spain
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
6 x 6 in/15.2 x 15.2 cm
Copyright 2013 
I recently blogged about how difficult it can be for painters to choose the motif for their next painting.

The difficulty comes, in part, because of fear of failure or lack of creative confidence, not to mention the complete waste of time and material if the painting is unsuccessful, at least in the eye of the painter.

What to do?

Although I don't usually do this, I have found if you, the painter, are unsure about the subject matter and how it may turn out, then consider making a "study" before actually committing to a painting. That is, practice painting your motif first.

There is a long history of artists doing studies going all the way back to da Vinci. It's almost a prerequisite for many painters who don't leave home without their sketchbook and pencils or watercolors.

Anyway, I was going through the selection process a few weeks ago, poring over numerous photos that caught my eye. Becoming indecisive and somewhat dejected, I decided to paint a small study of the subject I was considering.

I'm glad I did, and it's today's image. I liked it so much that I painted it again on a larger canvas that I'll show you next week.

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