Monday, January 14

Get Your Painting Groove Back

Let There Be Light
Photo Copyright 2006
Somewhere after the holiday and New Year celebrations I lost my painting groove, and I am attempting to get it back.

As I said in a December blog, maybe it's the light this time of year, or actually the lack of light. I'm not ready to put a light bulb behind my knees--just yet.

Maybe it's the natural ebb and flow of interest and enthusiasm (for painting) followed by disinterest and ennui. Maybe.

I have tried several things to jump-start the process, such as:

- going through my paints and culling out all the ones that I will never ever use on my palette, such as pthalo green (and Prussian blue)

- then re-arranging all my remaining paints into just two containers--one for cool colors and one for warm colors (someone said this is how you should paint)

- putting all my watercolor paper out in one pile on one table, including single full sheets down to 6-in. x 6-in. pads and everything in between, just so I could see exactly what I had and if painting smaller or larger would help (no)

- going through all my reference photos yet again to see if by chance I have overlooked one that jumps out as 'the next ONE' (not really)

- going to my local art supply store to see if I could gin up some interest (no, I did pick up a couple of Harmony Squirrel Quills though)

So you know, I am trying to get in the groove by actually painting, but so far, I have not been satisfied with any of my attempts.

So at this juncture, I am now blogging about the whole issue. Maybe that, and watching the NFL play-offs and the Australian Open, will help. We'll see.

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