Wednesday, March 16

5 Dumbest Things I've Done While Painting

I must be a creature of painting habit because I keep doing the same dumb things over and over again. You’d think after the first time or two that I’d get it. But noooo.

I may have blogged about some of these before, but I've forgotten and guess I'm doomed to repeat them. I’m sure you never do any of these, but I have and several on more than one occasion:

Elbow(s) in the Palette—How many times have I done this—I’ve lost count. I rarely use an easel and almost always paint on a flat surface. I get so engrossed (I guess) that I completely forget where my arms and elbows are in relation to my paint. I get a lot of paint on my sleeves and/or bare elbows. I have learned to wear old shirts, however.

Spilled Bottle of Masking Fluid—I don’t do this very often, but I’m always surprised (“What the___!”) when I do it. I suppose I’m too lazy to get a small pan, or whatever, to pour in just the little amount of fluid I  need. I think, “No, I just need a little bit, so I’ll just dip in the open bottle.” Next thing I know, I’m mopping up the smelly stuff, and sometimes it even gets on my painting. Yuck!

Rolled Over Painting—I’m referring here to when I pick up my watercolor to get a good look at it or check a detail, and then--oops--I drop it on the floor. As I lean over to pick it up, my rolling chair naturally flies right over one corner leaving a tell-tale caster/tire mark.

Way, Way Too Much White Paint—I have lost count of the times I’ve done this. When I’m doing it, I completely forget that it never works until at some point I realize I’ve almost used up a tube of white trying to lighten a color. Why can’t I remember to start over using white first and then add the other pigments to get the right color.

Just Dumb—OK I’ve only done this one once, but since it cost me the price of a mat, I probably won’t do it again (at least not anytime soon). Here’s what happened. I had finished and framed a watercolor for an upcoming exhibit of which I was proud to be selected and signed my name to it in watercolor pencil. When it was all ready to submit, I noticed a red stain on the lower left corner of the mat. What!? I had to completely un-frame it and buy a new mat. Later an artist friend told me what had happened. Seems I should have gone over my signature with a wet brush to set it. A fleck of the dry watercolor pencil had come off the paper, and the humidity in the air turned it into a red blotch.

Oh well, live and learn. Maybe blogging about it will help so that I don't repeat—Oh Snap! I just did it again!

Happy Painting!

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  1. For oil painting, I would add: letting dirty brushes dry, making multiple pigment mixtures that it can never be replicated, and repainted over a used canvas.