Thursday, November 25

Hey, Thanks Art!

Thanks for Art in Everyday Life
Photo Copyright 2010

Well, I want to thank Art today. Actually I thank Art on many days, but today being Thanksgiving in the U.S., it seems especially appropriate.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Art and I go back a long way. Art deserves thanks for many reasons.

Art lubricates life.

Life runs more smoothly with Art, the same way good motor oil keeps your car running quietly and efficiently, but with a burst of power just when you need it.

Art lets you see a bigger horizon and often gives you a point of view you may never have considered.

Art enlightens and enriches.

Art is possibilities.

Every day Art fills up the hours with purpose and creativity.

Hey, Art, thanks!

Until next blog…

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  1. Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life.