Saturday, June 12

Art Bloggin' on a Summer Saturday Morn

Hi Fans & Followers-

I don’t usually blog on Saturday. It’s not that I’m so busy with art or other life chores on Saturday morning. I'm just lazy on some Saturdays.

But not today. There’s something going on in my brain.

I call it the urge to art blog. It feels like a creative burst that’s about to happen. I feel it coming on after I’ve finished a project, which I did yesterday.

It’s the promise of a new work of art in the conception stage when all things are possible. The key words here are: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

As an artist, you should internalize that phrase. It’s what keeps us going and going, am I not right?

As I said, for me it starts with the urge to art blog, which is one of the ways I communicate with other artists and art lovers. It makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger—a brotherhood and sisterhood of born artists.

The other day I added a new favorite art quote. You may not have noticed it, but it was from Louise Bourgeois, the famous sculptor who recently passed away.

I heard and saw her say it on an art program that streams to my TV via Roku. She said, and I quote, “Artists are born not made; there’s nothing you can do for them.”

I love that, and it's one of the reasons I’m art blogging to all of you on a summer Saturday morn.

Until next blog…


  1. First off, how ironic it is that I found your blog on a Saturday morning! Spooky, right? Anyway, I couldn’t agree with you more about how all things are possible. I had removed myself from the art world a few years back and now I am diving back into it. I just can’t help myself from using the left side of my brain. I have to be creative, and I can’t help that I am inspired from all walks, forms, shapes of life. I have to paint, I have to draw. I am an artist and I can’t run away from it anymore. I am about to venture out of corporate America and hopefully emerge somewhere in the artworld . Just the thought that I could find a job out there where I can use my skills as an artist and apply them in a business environment puts a huge smile on my face. So you are so right in saying that all things are possible and it definitely does keep us going!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Your quest can be fulfilled with effort and timing.