Wednesday, June 16

To Enter a Contemporary Art Show or Not?

I Entered This Acrylic 2 Years Ago-
This Is About As Contemporary As I Get
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I’m in a quandary. To enter or not to enter, that is the question.

I am trying to decide whether or not to go to the trouble of entering what, in my opinion, amounts to an art free-for-all at a local contemporary “art center.” It's not free; there’s a $30US submission fee or, as a way to lure artists and increase the membership, you get $5US off if you also become an annual member for an additional $25US.

I do like the whole idea of this type of art organization. One of its goals is to help discover creative regional artists who might otherwise go unnoticed. I’m all for that, and I secretly would like to become one of their discovered, although that’s not going to happen.

I’m pretty sure I’m not their prime demographic. My impression of the artists they seek, probably just my imagination, are those with a keen contemporary vision but under our local art radar.

My art is not contemporary.

To enter, you must physically bring your artwork (up to three pieces) to their gallery during specific hours on a designated day and half of another. About a thousand pieces of art are entered, so we’re all crowded in there, and that’s why I call it a free-for-all.

Actually, the interesting part is standing in that line with all the other artists. You try not to stare at their work, but you would like to know what (on earth) their art is all about and/or what they were thinking. You will see some of the worst and best pieces of art while standing in that line—such as bleeding madonnas, pure white square canvases and artistic uses of Plexiglass as furniture, to name a few I recall.

Then, when your work is not accepted, you have to turn right around within five days and go pick up your art or it will be thrown in the trash like last night’s leftovers.

I have entered this show the last two years in a row, and of course, have never been selected to exhibit. However if I do enter, I will feel as if I’m doing my part to support my local grass roots art scene by my annual membership.

Standing in that line is almost worth the price of admission. I have a week to decide.

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