Wednesday, April 28

The Face of Global Warming

The Face of Global Warming
Acrylic on Canvas
Copyright 2010


A brief blog today to let you know I completed my latest acrylic I was calling Sun-face and which I talked about in a previous blog.

The challenge was painting the shadowy background, which was a textured wall. Painting the color of shadows is always tricky. I had blogged about that subject, too, a while back, and it is one of the most-search-for subjects and popular of my blogs.

As I said, I used the Old Master's palette along with the addition of Atelier's Brown Madder and Liquitex Payne's Gray for the terra cotta colors.

I also used Atelier’s Acrylic Green Black as the main color of the dark background. It’s a greeny-black that was perfect for this application. I mixed it in various light and dark shades for the effect of the shadows falling on the wall. The lighter parts of the wall, the parts not in shadow, were a mix of Liquitex Raw Sienna, Grumbacher Cobalt blue, and Galeria Titanium White

I decided to name the painting The Face of Global Warming. That subject is so much in the news these days, I thought the painting would make a good icon for the subject in all its facets.

By the way, I also decided to paint-in the wild flowers on my little acrylic, Early Spring Road. Adding the flowers was suggested by some artist friends. I decided they were correct as it will add needed interest to the foreground.

Anyway, that's what I’m working on this week. I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

Until next blog…

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