Wednesday, April 21

A Working Work-In-Progress In Acrylic

My Sunface Acrylic, A Work In Progress

While I’m waiting for better morning light in the studio, I thought I’d blog a little bit. Even on sunny days—like today—the natural light isn’t bright enough for me to paint until around noon. I don’t have a north-facing window, darn it, it’s west-facing.

Of course, I can turn on the lights, but my natural-light lamp isn’t that bright, and the incandescent ones change the colors. But I digress. If that’s my worst problem, I’m fortunate, right?

I’ve been painting away since last blog.

I showed my little acrylic landscape to the artist friends, and they liked it. It turns out they have a photo similar to the one I used for reference. However, it was taken at the same spot about a month after mine was, and it shows flowers along the roadside in full bloom. So, they suggested I add the flowers. I’ll have to see how I feel about that. Good thing the painting is in acrylic.

My Sun-face acrylic is coming along, too. I’ve almost finished the face itself—it’s today’s image. What an interesting time I had mixing those terra cotta colors from my limited Old Master's palette. I will say, I have a new respect for Brown Madder and Payne's Gray!

Now comes the daunting part, that shadowy background. Oh well, I like a challenge as an artist, and I plan to start on it as soon as the correct light, mentioned above, makes its way into my studio window.

Until next blog…

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