Wednesday, April 7

Multi-Tasking Artists and Artwork

Watercolor on Paper
Copyright 2010
Somedays I am multi-tasking with my art. That is, I have tasks to do on several projects all running simultaneously.

Sometimes I am working on a single project on which I am wholly dedicated until it’s done. This week I have several tasks going simultaneously.

For one I am putting the finishing touches on a watercolor that I started about a month ago, which is today’s image. It’s been an iterative process, I will tell you that. Selecting the motif from a slew of reference photos, transferring the preliminary sketch, and then actually painting, evaluating, more painting, more evaluating, then finishing the darn thing—it all takes time. I’m pleased with it, but now I have to find a mat and frame. The joys of being an artist.

Second thing I’m working on is a small acrylic. I showed you the reference photo I’m using in the last blog. It’s almost finished, but I have to add some chroma to the field in the foreground and add a glaze of light cobalt blue to the horizon to make it recede. I should be finished today or tomorrow, and I’ll show it in an upcoming blog.

I mentioned the style I was going for—I guess you could call it contemporary impressionism or something like that. I really like the impressionistic style in all its many facets. But I do want the viewer to be able to tell what the painting is. I don’t want it so loose and impressionistic that you have to guess at it.

I like the acrylic artwork of an artist I saw in my acrylic how-to book. His name is Peter Burman, and he’s from the United Kingdom. Google him and check out his website.

In addition to the aforementioned items, I also went on a short photography junket yesterday afternoon out in the countryside to capture some of the very nice wildflowers that are in full bloom now. More on that later.


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