Monday, April 26

A Day for Artists

Blue Irises on a Sunny Day
Copyright 2010


Today is a day for art and artists.

It’s bright and sunny outside the studio. It’s one of those days when the sun is so bright and the air is so dry that all things in nature stand out in high contrast and saturated colors.

This is the kind of day when Monet and Manet and Pissarro and even Edward Hopper would set up their en plein air easels at an outdoor venue and paint away.

The colors are sharp and the shadows are crisp. If you look around you can see all of the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors on the color wheel. Your eyes are naturally drawn to all the complementary colors.

Artists will appreciate the harmony of the colors in nature.

The brilliant cerulean blues in the sky that deepen in hue as you look from horizon to overhead.

All of the greens present in just one setting—spring green grass, Hooker’s green foliage, sap green leaves, and the greeny-black shadows—to name but a few.

And don’t forget the spot colors that pop up in the garden. Red, pink, and yellow roses. The gray blue wings of the Blue Jay. And the royal purple-blue of the blue irises.

Today is a canvas waiting to be painted. Yes, today is a day for artists.

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