Tuesday, September 9

There Is No Art in Airports

I thought I'd report on my recent search for artwork at Los Angeles' LAX airport and Houston's Bush airport. I am sorry to report that if you were looking for art at either of these during your travels, you will be disappointed.

The closest thing that could pass for art at Bush is the flag obelisks/cubes (see slide 16) that were placed there after they were used at the economic summit meeting of the G8 nations in Houston in 1990. These are eight very tall posts (poles?) that resemble the flag of each nation represented. They are eye-catching especially at night when they are lighted from within and seem to glow. Other than that, the only thing that could pass for art are the large commercial photographs of businesses that hang randomly and one of the airlines' posters for several of their destinations--Costa Rica, Netherlands, etc., but not very exciting.

At LAX I couldn't even find any posters, just signs and warnings from the Transportation Safety Administration and other commercial signs. I did notice that the symbol for LAX that has greeted visitors since the 1960s (maybe the 1950s), the huge arc/arch, is currently being refurbished--if you want that call that art. The huge LAX sign could also be considered sculpture I suppose.

But no paintings or drawings otherwise; do I expect too much?


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