Sunday, September 14

A Taste of the Masterpieces

Been travelling for a few days, so would like to briefly catch you up on the blog. Among others things to see, I'm looking for art galleries and art museums in particular. However, I wanted to tell you about about some artwork I found quite unexpectedly.

I was eating lunch in a delicatessen, which happened to be in a shopping center just down the street from the old MGM Studios. The studio is now owned by Sony Entertainment, but you can still get the Old Hollywood feeling around here. The deli was full of all kinds of Old Hollywood memorabelia including artifacts and lots of photographs from the bygone era. Such stars as Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, and Lucille Ball line the walls.

Anyway, what caught my eye was the artwork in the section in which I was eating my egg salad sandwich and authentic dill pickles (evidently their specialty and delicious). Hanging beside my table was a very good representation of Gauguin's Tahitian Woman except this woman was preparing a big bowl of soup, and the little plaque under the painting was entitled Tahitian Woman and Motzah Ball Soup. It was very nicely rendered (by whom I don't know) and was a treat with my sandwich.

I noticed that there were at least three others 'masterpieces' on the walls. There was also Woman and Deli Sandwich by 'Picasso' and the contemporary Dill Pickle by 'Andy Warhol.' I really wanted to see the fourth painting, which I think was a 'Willem de Kooning' but I just couldn't bring myself to lean across the diners at the next table to read the title.


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