Monday, February 17

Today's Image on OrbisPlanis

The Corridor
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
11 x 14 in/27.9 x 35.6 cm
Copyright 2014
Today's image is somewhat of a departure from my recent paintings. Instead of a natural landscape or seascape, it's almost an interior shot, although there is a view to the outside at the end of this corridor.

It was painted from a personal reference photo that was so striking that I felt compelled to paint it.

I decided to paint it in acrylic, mainly because of the many layers needed to give the illusion of receding light and shadow. One of the great attributes of acrylic paint--to dry quickly--allowed me to complete the painting, and to repaint as necessary, over a couple of afternoons.

My favorite part was painting the bright, outdoor light outside the arched entryway. The visible structure and the distant mountain provide depth and atmospheric perspective.

I hope you like it.

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