Monday, February 24

Grow as a Painter - Paint Over Your Painting

Who wants to paint over a finished painting? Why would you do it? After all, you've committed precious time, some expense, and perhaps your blood, sweat, and tears as well.

By painting over your painting I mean improving on what you have already painted, not painting a completely new painting.

You should paint over your painting whenever you know you have grown as a painter and you realize how much better your painting can become.

Caveat--this is only recommended with acrylics and not oil, watercolor, or pastel without due consideration since those mediums do not lend themselves to over-painting as easily as acrylics.

Anyway, here's the scenario. You're straightening up (or whatever) your studio and you run across an old painting you did way-back-when. You now see it with a more objective and much better informed eye.

"Why did I paint it like that?"

Good news and redemption. Since then, you have put in more hours painting. Since then you've read and watched more instructive how-to's. Since then you have been to more museums, galleries, art shows and exhibits.

In short, you have grown as a painter, and you can improve upon it, and as painters, we all want to improve.

Today images are my before and after paintings.

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