Thursday, March 29

A Painter's Questions

As a painter do you ever question exactly what it is you are pursuing, art-wise, that is?

Every so often I question my aspirations, and there are several questions to pose.

What are my strengths as a painter, and what are my weaknesses? Do these strengths and weaknesses matter to me and, if so, how much?

Do I have a style and would I recognize it as such? How important is my style to me?

What do I want my body of work to look like?  Is there individuality in my paintings?

How do I feel when I'm painting? What about painting makes me happy/unhappy?

Is there a “groove” for painters, and, if so, I how do I get into it?

Do I like the way my paintings look? 

What is the nature of being a painter?

What will improvement look like? Can I improve or will my work just evolve?

Do I have to be passionate about painting?

Am I satisfied? Am I complacent?

(Keep On Painting)

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  1. Very good questions!! I think most painters ask these.