Sunday, March 4

A Few Tips & Tricks for Painters

Just A Favorite Painting of Mine
I’m passing along a few things I use that have become part of the way I paint. I use these for my watercolor and acrylic painting sessions, although they may be adaptable for oil, too, who knows?
These didn’t come about all at once; that is, one day I didn’t suddenly try out a bunch of new ways to make things easier. It takes time to discover better ways of doing things or new tricks or tools.

Anyway here are a few of them:

 Butcher Tray as your paint palette – A wonderful re-purposing of a kitchen utensil; the flat tray is enameled and allows you to squeeze as much or little paint as you need and mix it easily on different parts of the tray; and it’s easy to clean in the sink with water and paper towels.

Tear-By-Hand tape for your border – I’ve mentioned this one before, but tear-by-hand tape is the greatest; if you’re one of those painters who use tape to frame your paper before you paint you will love it; with just your fingers, you can easily tear off the length you need—no scissors needed.

Shopping Bags as your artist portfolio – I’m talking about those very, very large plastic bags you get when you buy full sheets of watercolor paper; if you don’t mind the art supply store advertisement on them, they are the perfect size, remarkably tough, and they have a handle; use them to carry your paintings to class or the art gallery.

Artist’s and Painting magazines as your inspiration – I use my favorite articles on painters and paintings while I paint; I open up the magazine so that I’m looking at a favorite painting while I paint; it’s a constant reminder of the type of painting I’m trying to paint; you can also use old hanging calendars with famous painter’s paintings, such as Impressionist paintings, for the same thing, too.   

Plastic Containers for your brush-water -  I’m sure everyone already does this, but thought I’d mention it anyway; you can choose the size you need (like a large yogurt container) and when the interior gets stained with paint, just re-cycle it; I’m currently using the plastic containers that hold disinfectant wipes —tall and sturdy, they hold a lot of water and tall brushes so you don’t splash much (of course, for plein air, you’ll need to find a container with a handle to hang it).

Call these tips or whatever, feel free to borrow, try out, and use them (or not).

Keep on Painting

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