Wednesday, May 18

An Observation on Artistic Open-Mindedness

My Acrylic (on Canvas) from 2010
Artists are supposed to be open-minded, or at least that’s what I thought. However, after several years of:

-reading about current art and art events online and in publications

-attending many museums, galleries, and exhibitions

-talking to a good many artists

-personally painting and entering my work in exhibitions

…I am not so sure anymore if my above statement about open-mindedness holds true.

Why? Because everyone, including and especially artists, seems to have their own idea of what art should be and/or look like.

What I mean by that is, avant-garde artists seem only to relate to contemporary or to what I like to call really-contemporary art. Art can be in any shape, form, or hue as long as it doesn’t conform to anything—even other contemporary art. They acknowledge other types of art, but it is of absolutely no interest to them.

Then there are other artists who only like representational art—the pretty, painterly pictures and portraits, etc. that are the mainstay of many traditional galleries and art museums. If it doesn’t look like something or it isn’t beautifully painted, drawn or sculpted, then, well, you know…it isn’t proper art, and is of absolutely no interest to them..

I am not putting myself above any other artists because I have my likes and dislikes, too. I’m just saying…

Happy Painting!

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  1. I don't think its true that artists are supposed to be open minded. A lot of art sensibility is about taste. I think it does a disservice to artists to assume they will accept anything as art, of course they have their philosophies and opinions.