Saturday, May 14

I Guess I Don't Take Criticism Very Well

You know, you can still learn things about yourself, no matter your age. I discovered last week that I don’t take criticism all that well. I’m speaking of art criticism, specifically criticism of my work.

I suppose I should be more gracious. Or if I can’t be gracious, then I should probably just smile and nod in agreement.

But I didn’t, I got a little defensive--it's my work after all. I mean, I didn’t throw a hissy-fit or anything like that. I just said something like, “Wait a minute, time out!” I don’t think there’s anything particularly egregious in that.

I don’t think I have that high of an opinion about my work that I’m above criticism. At least I like to think that. I am a good listener, and I have a good memory, and I remember almost all previous criticisms, and I strive not to repeat my erroneous ways.

As I’m planning and executing my painting, I try to remember “the rules” as I was taught them on how to render techniques or to avoid mistakes when painting a particular subject or motif.

When I heard conflicting information (or at least what I considered conflicting information), it upset me a little. I mean, we artists are supposed to be sensitive, right?

Anyway, I was reminded by my critic that I didn’t have to take the advice or make any of the suggested changes if I didn’t want to.

Well, I took that piece of advice from them, and I decided not to change a thing. So there.

Happy Painting!


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