Monday, March 24

Searching for Your Style

Mid-Morning Walk
Oil on Canvas Panel
9 x 12 in/22.9 x 30.5 cm
Copyright 2014
Today's blog is about discovering or figuring out, or at least understanding, what we do as painters when we're in search of our own painting style.

Over the past several years my search comes and goes as I try new mediums and new methods and discover new (to me) painters that I admire.

When I think I have found how I really want to paint by viewing the work of a painter (or painters) who paints in a similar style, I research their methods and tools and their recent work. I do this by looking online at their websites, blogs, and YouTube videos.

When I am ready, or think I am ready, to paint just  like _______ (whichever painter, fill in the blank) I get my paint and my palette and my canvas (or whatever) and my motif, and away I go.

Often times I am disappointed. I believe the problem has to do with trying to paint like someone else.

Rather I should take my accumulated knowledge and whatever natural talent I have and just paint and paint and keep painting. Only then will I be able to find and see my own style.

Until then, however, the search continues. 

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