Monday, November 26

How Would You Describe Your Paintings?

I think you'll find the information in an article on useful and informative for painters, most of whom are more visual than verbal. The following link is to an Art Words List, part of an article by Marion Boddy-Evans on finding the right words to talk about your paintings:

The list is organized by art concepts and topics, which should be obvious for most painters after they see it. For example, the first topic is Color Words and, rather than just saying "yellow-green" for example, it lists some words you could be using, such as vivid, insipid, garish, and violent. Pretty neat, huh?

 A brief narrative on each topic is also provided to help you better understand how to use these words in context. Some of the other topics are Tone Words, Mood & Atmosphere Words, and Lighting Words, just to name a few. In addition, she provides a link to an A-to-Z Art Glossary on the site as well.

Excellent list and great words. Thank you, Ms. Boddy-Evans.

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