Wednesday, October 3

A Prequel to Mona Lisa

This from Yahoo! News and James Keaten of the Associated Press in Geneva--the Mona Lisa Foundation (I did not know there was one) announced a new and improved, so to speak, painting of Mona Lisa. Claiming it was painted prior to the "famous one" now hanging in The Lourve, it's supposedly authentic even if unfinished.

Dubbed the Isleworth Mona Lisa, it will be under scrutiny to see if it's the real thing from Leo da Vinci or just another hijinks in the art world. If it is, it may be worth up to $325 million US, according to the article.

In this version it looks like Mona just returned from a week at the spa after a facial but still wearing that enigmatic smile

Is there as second Mona Lisa? Maybe or maybe not.

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