Thursday, September 6

I Did Not Know There Were Four Paintings of "The Scream"

If you look over there in the right-hand column you may have noticed (or not) a section I call The Art Book I'm Currently Reading...

If you noticed, the book that I am still reading is  The Rescue Artist A True Story of Art, Thieves, and the Hunt for a Missing Masterpiece by Edward Dolnick.

It's the story of an art detective who attempts to recover one of the most famous paintings in the world by Edvard Munch. I am about 3/4 of the way through, and so far the painting has not yet been found.

I wish there had been a Spoiler Alert because I just happened to see where someone paid nearly $120 million at auction for The Scream last May. Obviously the painting that was stolen in 1989 was found.

More interesting to me is that the article, written by David Ng in the LA Times, mentions there being four versions of the painting. I did not know that, did you? I just wonder how much the other three are worth.,0,2698556.story

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