Sunday, July 22

Happy Birthday OrbisPlanis - 4+ Years of Art Blogging!

Well, the 4th birthday of OrbisPlanis has come and gone. It was July 8 of 2008 when I first began writing this art blog. Before that I had posted several of my paintings to my online site/blog, but since I didn't start writing  anything until July 8, 2008, I "celebrate" OrbisPlanis' birthday on that date.

I have had a great time writing the blog even on the occasional days when I wasn't getting any good vibes for art blogging. It was always fun to think there are people out there who want to read about art and painting as much as I do.

I had to do research for many of the blogs so that I was imparting correct information in addtition to just passing along knowledge I gained first-hand while painting. In that sense it has been educational for me and I have learned a lot that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I was always suprised that the three most viewed OrbisPlanis blogs I wrote were: about watercolor paper, the painting called Pinkie, and painting the color of shadows. Of course, the inner-workings of the Google search engine probably had a lot to do with it, too, but who would have guessed?

I have also learned that blogging in general and art blogging in particular take up a lot of an artists' time. In addition to the actual writing and occasional research that I just mentioned, there is also time spent maintaining the blog. This includes not only keeping up with Blogger updates and templates but also moderating comments (and a lot of spam, too!) and keeping up with links that I put on the blog with information and sites I thought you would want to visit. And then there was tweeting on Twitter--I tweeted about every new blog post.

While i will continue to blog, I have also decided to spend more time on my painting, which is most important to me. I know the painters out there will understand.

Feel free to leave a comment or email me at if there is anything art related you would like to discuss.

Keep On Painting

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