Tuesday, May 22

Obsessive & Compulsive

My Acrylic Relief on Watercolor Paper
Copyright 2012
I have been what some would call obsessed with improving my watercolor skills over the past few months. I’m not sure why. Perhaps painters are supposed to be obsessive.

I am compelled to read and study, to watch YouTube videos, and even to purchase DVDs of several of the contemporary watercolorists who I think are the best at what they do. Perhaps painters are supposed to be compulsive. 

I’ve been studying and painting and viewing and painting and buying and painting.

I have gained a good bit of new knowledge, or I like to think so anyway, and I have tried to incorporate that knowledge into my work. I must admit, I wish the results were speedier.

It’s hard to be satisfied with your progress when you want immediate results. Of course, in art as in life there are no short cuts. We must persevere in our efforts to succeed.

At what point does perseverance and practice and stick-to-it-iveness become obsession and compulsion? I don’t know for sure.

What will I do when I have reached all my goals in watercolor painting, if that is even possible? “It’s the getting, not the having,” they say. I think they are right.

However, just to ensure I wasn’t becoming too obsessive/compulsive, I took a break from watercolor last week and painted in acrylic. It provided some relief and a brief respite.

However, wouldn’t you know, come Monday morning I was right back at it with my watercolors and my paper and my bucket of water.

The quest continues.

Keep On Painting


  1. I really love the colouring of that painting!! You really got the sky, shadows, ground (etc.) perfect!! :D

  2. Thanks, as always, for your nice comments.