Monday, March 19

A Finished Painting...

My Finished Painting
Well, I finished my painting. So, following up on my previous blog, A Painting in Progress…, here are my thoughts about a finished painting.
A finished painting is:

-Like taking a Summer vacation

-Like walking in clover


-An old friendship

-A feeling of calm


-Like driving out of a long tunnel

-An urge to do a happy-dance

-A beautiful thing

-A prideful experience

-Like winning the lottery (or at least a scratch-off)


-Like hitting a jack-pot in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo

-Like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

-Something to shout about

-A leisurely stroll in the park

-A new member of your family of paintings

-Confidence in a job well done

-A wonderful thing


-Definitely a painter’s reason for getting up in the morning

Keep On Painting

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