Wednesday, August 17

Art Marketing 101

Spring Road
Watercolor on Paper
12 x 18 in/31 x 46 cm
Copyright 2011
I don't pretend to be a good promoter of my own art. I’m not sure many artists are good at promotion—of course, there are some who are successful at both art and sales, which is basically what promotion is all about--selling.

I think being good at both is a little strange because the two, while not exactly mutually exclusive, are certainly strange bedfellows. One has to do with creativity; the other with making money. And all artists know that if you’re only in it for the money, then you are likely to be extremely disappointed.

But that doesn’t mean that we artists who are not as marketing savvy as some in the gallery or online art marketing business can’t make a go of it. On the contrary.

We have our shows, we have our festival booths, we have our art blogs and our Etsys. And we have our pride, our artistic pride, that is. Although pride alone won’t pay the bills, it does go a long way to staying true to yourself and your art.

Anyway, this is just my two cents on the subject.

I hope you like my effort at promoting my own work by appreciating Today’s Image, which is my latest watercolor. Oh, by the way, it’s also for sale, if anyone happens to be interested in my entrepreneurship.

Happy Painting!

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