Thursday, June 16

Nobody But Artists Cares How It Was Done

No One Cares How I Painted This
After being around and listening to ‘art patrons,’ or at least those people who make the effort to go out to an art gallery or an art museum, I am sure that I am correct in saying that no one but artists care how it was done.

By that I mean, the casual viewer, and I am making a distinction from artists and/or art critics, simply does not care how an artist went about making his art.

Artists, I’m sorry to have to burst your bubble. But even though you put all your energy, imagination, knowledge, and skill into your work (or you say you did, anyway), no one cares.

Viewers are only there to look at your work, to enjoy your work, and perhaps, to feel something or be moved by it. But not to find out how you prepared your canvas, or selected your palette, in what order you created the work, or how you rendered your brushstrokes (or whatever as the case may be).

They simply don’t care. And what’s more, they don’t want to hear about it either. Try explaining your preparation and techniques and watch their eyes glaze over.

Now, maybe they would like to hear a little bit about what inspired you or what you were trying to achieve. Notice, I said a little bit. If you go on too long about this, you’ll recognize those glassy looks.

So try to keep your spirits up in the knowledge of the great efforts you go to in creating your work. Just don’t tell anyone about it.

Happy Painting!

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