Wednesday, May 4

Who's Your Favorite Painter?

An Acrylic on Canvas of Mine
in the Style of Edward Hopper
Or perhaps you have more than one favorite painter? Not that it’s anyone’s business but your own, but I find it interesting (or if “interesting” is not the right word, how about “really?”) to find out which painters are favorites of other artists.

You never know whose work or which style and certainly not which painting catches the eye of an individual artist.

It is “interesting” to learn why certain painters' work attracts some and not others, psychologically speaking.

If you are a regular viewer of OrbisPlanis, then you already know who my favorite painters are (in no particular order): Claude Monet and Edward Hopper. Of course, these well-known, famous painters are the favorites of hundreds of thousands worldwide, if not millions.

And I can tell you why they are my favorites.

Monet’s paintings capture the true sense of beauty for me, and they put me in the time and the place and the moment. The harmony of colors in his paintings is unmatched by other painters (in my humble opinion). I admire his loose style with vanishing edges everywhere. We all know Monet, as well as other Impressionists, painted light, and nobody painted the illusion of light better than he.

Edward Hopper’s paintings do two things for me. I have discovered in my artistic journey that I, for whatever reason, like to paint structures. Many of Hopper’s representational paintings include architectural elements that are highlighted by bright sun and cast shadows. I like that a lot. In addition, almost all of his paintings tell a story, or maybe I should say they tell an unfinished story that leaves the viewer thinking, “What just happened here?”

So, these painters are my favorites. I wish you would leave a comment for everyone to let us know who your favorite painters are, and don’t forget to tell us why.

Happy Painting!

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  1. Hi, I agree with you about Monet, but not Hopper. I'm afraid I find his paintings rather boring.

    Other than Monet, my favourites are Cezanne, Matisse and Rembrandt. I like the way that these three were always pushing the boundaries and exploring what paint can do.