Saturday, April 16

An Art Gallery Reception

Venice Beach, Morning
If one of your art goals is to have your work presented in a gallery setting, I hope you have found success. After reading about the pros and cons of galleries online and discussing galleries with artist acquaintances, I suppose I am still a bit of a skeptic.

Of course, if you already have an established following of collectors, you have a leg-up. If you don’t, then your work, and mine, may just hang there.

My opinion is that unless you have somehow “made it” and have been persistent (or lucky?) enough to have your work in well-known and respected galleries in the brightest art centers (New York, Paris, London, etc.), then you may well have tasted success. If you are showing in lesser-known art venues in other places, then, I guess we’ll just see, won’t we?

I blog about this because I am part of a group show at a local art gallery for the first time. I have had work exhibited at the local art society, which is a gallery of sorts, but this is the first time at a privately-owned gallery.

The reception was one evening last week, which was fine, and there was a nice turn-out. I’m not sure, however, I could tell who were merely well-wishers (bless their hearts) and who were potential bona fide buyers. The wine and cheese were great, and appreciated, and the conversations were generally positive about the hanging art, or at least most of it.

Being what I consider generally optimistic but practical, then I suppose this is a next step. I consider this one other way to get my work out there. Perhaps I will engage with someone who likes my painting and with whom I might not have otherwise engaged. Perhaps.

Oh yes, and to enjoy the experience…

Happy Painting!

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