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Part II - Collecting and Building an Art Library

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I hope you like art books. I do, and that’s why I’m blogging about them in this edition of the OrbisPlanis art blog.

This blog is a follow-on to the previous blog, which discussed building and collecting an art library.In that blog I listed all my art books on painting and drawing techniques and how-to’s.

In this blog, I’m providing a list of all my art books with collections of art from various artists or genres in addition to biographies about several of my favorite well-know artists.

These are the books I turn to for inspiration or solace. Some are nothing more than a collection with the name, size and date of the artwork given. Others also include a narrative about the artist’s life or information about the times in which the artwork was created.

My collection includes books of all formats and sizes. Some are large, some are small. Some are what you would consider a “coffee table” book—very large format with full-color photos. These are perfect to set on a table, inviting you, your family, and guests to pick up, open, and enjoy paging through the beauty of the work.

One is a bound collection of post-card size photos of famous paintings. You could actually detach and mail them if you wanted to, but, of course, I never would. Several are collections from large, established art museums.

Here, again in no particular order, are my art books with collections of paintings, drawings, and biographies of artists:

Georgia O’Keeffe by Elizabeth Montgomery
Georgia O’Keeffe An Eternal Spirit by Susan Wright
Manet A Visionary Impressionist by Henri Lallemand
Edward Hopper A Modern Master by Ita G. Berkow
The Impressionists A Retrospective edited by Martha Kapos
The Impressionist The Great Works and the World that Inspired Them by Robert Katz and Celestine Dars
Edward Hopper by Carol Troyen, Judith A. Barter, Janet L. Comey, Elliot B. Davis, Ellen E. Roberts
Essential Impressionists by Antonia Cunningham
A Line on Texas by Norman Baxter
Water Color A Robert Erdle Retrospective compiled by the University of North Texas Art Gallery
Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum compiled by the J. Paul Getty Museum
Everyday Life in California Regional Watercolors 1930-1960 compiled by the California Heritage Museum
Texas Sketchbook featuring the art of E.M. Schiwetz from ExxonMobil Corp.
American Watercolors by Kate F. Jennings
Santa Fe Art by Simone Ellis
102 Favorite Paintings by Norman Rockwell
Monet by Yvon Taillandier
European Art to 1850 compiled by the International Encyclopedia of Art
Peter Hurd A Portrait Sketch from His Life by Paul Horgan
Monet and the Mediterranean by Joachim Pissarro
Sargent Watercolors by Donelson F. Hoopes
Norman Rockwell’s America by Christopher Finch
Edward Hopper An Intimate Biography by Gail Levin
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera by Isabel Alcantara and Sandra Elgnoff
Dreaming With His Eyes Open A Life of Diego Rivera by Patrick Marnham
Camille Pissarro Letters to His Son Lucien edited by John Rewald
Manet and His Critics by George H. Hamilton
The Impressionists At First Hand by Bernhard Denvir
The Essential Claude Monet by Catherine Morris
The Essential Edward Hopper by Justin Spring
Diego Rivera by Andrea Kettenmann
Portrait of an Artist A Biography of Georgia O’Keeffe by Laurie Lisle
Cezanne by Andre LeClerc
The Museum of Impressionism in Paris edited by Fernand Hazan
Small French Paintings A Book of Postcards compiled by the National Gallery of Art Washington, D.C.

So, that is my collection. I hope this OrbisPlanis art blog, along with the last one, inspires you to start or add to your very own personal collection of art books.


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