Thursday, August 30


Oil Pastel on Paper
11 in x 14 in
27.9 cm X 35.6 cm
Copyright 2007


  1. This is really cool, Dad. I'm glad you're enjoying your art supplies and stuff. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Hi Byrne,

    It's Linda Green/Metzler, Pete's sister here in St. Louis. I was so pleased that Jeff sent along the news about your art blog. I am glad to hear you have joined the wonderful world of working artists. I am teaching a few workshops here in St. Louis and many of the folks who sign up for them are like yourself, returning to a love of art in retirement. I enjoyed seeing you work, especially the adobe pieces. As I told Jeff, you handle the reds and yellows really well. My visits to that part of the country have not been many, but your paintings evoke what I remember of the scenes quite vividly. I expect you are a fan of Georgia O'Keefe whose work I have admired for decades. My dad, Ben took up painting at my urging when we were all still in Chicago, me fresh out of school, and had a great time with it. Keep up the good work.
    LInda Green/Metlzer
    Website:, click on Missouri Artists Gallery