Friday, February 23

More Than a Landscape

Summer Clouds
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
20 x 16 in/50.8 x 40.6 cm
Copyright Byrne Smith 2018
If you had to classify the type of painting posted as today's image, I suppose most painters or anyone really, would call this a "landscape." But actually the "land" in this painting is only about 20 percent of the image. The remainder is all sky (and clouds).

All kinds of skies (and clouds) are the subject of lots of paintings, many with a little land and/or water. If there's more water than sky or land, they're called "seascapes."

Skies are beautiful. Maybe we should be calling these mostly-sky paintings "skyscapes."

Not all that important in the scheme of the painting world, I suppose, but what else are Friday afternoons for?


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