Tuesday, November 12

Figuring Out Painting

The Palm at Balboa Park
Oil on Canvas Panel
6 x 6 in/15.2 x 15.2 cm
I'm not sure we are supposed to figure out what painting is really all about. I certainly haven't figured it out, either as one who paints paintings or one who views paintings.

I think I know what kind of paintings I like and like to view. I think I know how I want to paint.

But as for figuring it out, not as yet; but I believe figuring it out is more important than the end result itself (it's the getting not the having).

I have figured out that improvement is part of it, at least for me. When and if I see improvement, I am motivated to paint more and better.

Improving, or thinking you have improved even if you're the only one, is part of figuring it out.

As for the rest of painting, well, I haven't figure that out yet.

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