Wednesday, August 7

The Look of Oil with Acrylics & A New Look for OrbisPlanis

Laguna Street
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
5 x 7 in/13 x 18 cm
Copyright 2013
You may have noticed a new look for OrbisPlanis. I updated to one of Blogger's newer templates. After five years, it was time for a new look and because it better supports more of the applications and functionality available on Google, such as Google+. Or so I was led to believe. I'm trying this one out, although the old template is history, as you cannot go back to it. You may see a few more tweaks in the coming days as I discover new gizmos. Anyway, I hope you like it. My goal was to keep it as simple and easy-to-read as possible.

Today's image is a small acrylic I completed last week. It's from my photo taken in Santa Barbara of the view across the street from the Old Mission. I also have lots of photos of the mission, but for some reason, I thought this view across the street of several old Spanish-style homes was a better motif.

I am using acrylic as loosly and impressionistically as I am capable of painting. I'm on a quest to see how closely I am able to achieve the look of an oil painting with acrylic. Hope you like it. What do you think?

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