Monday, November 19

Support Your Local Art League

An acrylic of mine that was in the local
Art League's Member Show
(copyright 2011)
The point of today's blog is that you, I, and all artists, really, should support their local art leagues. Your own local league may, of course, go by another name, such as society, academy, association, guild, or other.

But the point is that it's the one place, or at least one of the places, in your community that supports local art and artists. As you know, there are not many organizations or people who do that.

So we should give them our support in dues or an endowment, if you can swing that, or if nothing else, volunteer time.

Here's a link to a story in the Houston Press by Meredith Deliso about a current show at the Art League Houston and how it is promoting the work of seven local artists who might have otherwise  gone unnoticed.

Support your art league and someday it may support you 

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