Thursday, November 1

Let There Be Art At Airports!

Finally! Someone else noticed. Besides me. I'm very glad, and you should be, too.

I'm talking about art at airports or actually the lack of art at airports. However, in a Google news crawler I saw this link to an article by Chris Owen of

Several years ago while traveling through Bush-IAH and LAX airports I couldn't help but notice how utilitarian they were and how they desperately needed some artistic enlightenment for us human travelers who are subjected to much, well, let's just say inconvenience (to be polite).

I blogged about it once, and then artwork was added at Bush (not because of my blog, of course), although much of that was architectural, but that's OK. So I blogged a second time.

Here are links to those blogs:

'There Is No Art In Airports'

'There Will Be Art In Houston Airports'
I am very happy to read this article about new art installations at Gatwick in London as well as other airports. So the next time I'm queued up at a terminal, I hope I am viewing a masterpiece or two.

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