Wednesday, December 22

What IS the Purpose of Art?-Part Deux


A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog I called “What IS the Purpose of Art.” The list of purposes I provided was anything but complete. They were merely the ones that came to me directly off the top of my  head.

As the weeks passed since that blog, other purposes came to mind as I was painting away day after day.

So, I’m adding to the original list with “What IS the Purpose of Art?-Part Deux."

Art emotes.

Art stimulates.

Art simulates.

Art emulates.

Art challenges.

Art advocates.

Art enhances.

Art signifies.

Art engages.

Art enrages.

Art awes.

Art bothers.

Art enthralls.

Art reveals.

Art overwhelms.

Art insinuates.

Art portends.

Art mesmerizes

Art endures.

And Art matters.

Thank goodness!

Until next blog…

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