Monday, December 13

If You Shop, Shop the Art Supply Store


Artists are not known for their shopping habits. We’re not known necessarily as browsers or mall-rats either.

Be that as it may, it is gift-giving time in many parts of the world, so even we artists must grin and bear it, as they say.

So I visited one of the local art supply stores in our corner of the suburbs the other day to do a little shopping.

Compared to most stores this time of year, it was relatively empty. Not that there wasn’t anyone else in the store; on the contrary, there were probably 15 or 20 others roaming around, which is more than you usually see in the store, but not at all like the hordes across the street at the mall or the big-box electronic outlet (thank goodness).

Oh, I know, I could always shop online. But, a website is so sterile. If I know exactly what I want, then it’s just a matter of finding the best deal. But where’s the fun in that as I like to say?

So today I was an artist/shopper shopping like artists shop--walking up and down the aisles looking at the abundant stock of brushes, of paper and canvases, of watercolor, of acrylic, of easels, of palettes, of carrying cases, and anything and everything else an artist could possibly want.

I saw some new products, too. Like pastels that look more like powder for ladies’ facial make-up than for art. It appeared you just dip your fingertip in the round, plastic disc and then paint with your finger. (Nothing wrong with that, I often paint with my fingers, don’t you?) But, of course, they were also selling little bitty brushes that looked like swabs, or whatever, for an additional price, of course.

I also spent time in the book section, thumbing through books on how to paint with watercolor, how to draw with colored pencils, how to paint portraits, how to draw and paint horses and trees and seascapes. If only it were as easy as the authors of these books make it sound.

Anyway, I was simply looking for a couple of small gifts that were just right, and which I did find, I’m happy to report.

The take-away of today's blog is, if you must get out and shop this time of year, then let it be at an art supply store.

And what do you know, I may have even found a gift for myself!

Until next blog…

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