Tuesday, June 22

Where Art Museums Thrive


I hope you are as lucky as we are. We live where art museums thrive.

We are lucky because there are art museums all over town, just a freeway (or two or three) away.

One of these is The Pearl, actually the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts. It’s a private art museum in the northwest Houston suburbs. It is part of a suburban cultural district along with a library and a center for performing arts. It partners with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and other private and public lenders.

We are lucky. In addition to the big, metro museums in the city center, such as MFAH and the Menil Collection, just to name two, we have access to a professional, world-class art museum nearby that serves more than a million people in this suburban corner of the area.

It had been almost a year since we last visited, so it was time.

One exhibit we’re glad we saw is the Runge/Howard Collection . According to The Pearl’s website, it’s an exhibit of 27 artists that explores contemporary European and US art with a focus on Houston artists of the 1980s and 1990s. There were talented local artists represented, and you probably have also seen the work of some of these well-known artists who are also represented: Alexander Calder, Joan Miro, Max Ernst, and Jennifer Bartlett.

There were also intriguing sculptural wall installations by Rosane Volchan O’Conor of Brazil.

The point of today’s blog is to get you to appreciate whatever art museum(s) and art centers are within your local environs and make the effort to visit and support them.

Where art museums thrive there is inspiration. I hope you are as lucky as we are.

Until next blog…

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