Thursday, June 24

Painting Acrylic on Watercolor Paper - You Should Try It

Wish I Were There
Acrylic on Paper
18.5 x 24 in/47 x 61cm

Just a quick blog today to update you on my latest acrylic, which is today’s image and which I titled Wish I Were There.

As I said in a previous blog, it has all the things I like to paint—sunlight, shadows, adobe walls, and the color turquoise.

What was a new painting experience for me was the support I used to paint with acrylic on this painting. It’s 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper. That heavy of a paper makes a great support for acrylic, which also can be mixed with water.

What I did first before anything else, including drawing my image on the paper, was to cover the paper with a mixture of Raw Umber and Titanium white (mostly Titanium white). The result was a light gray tone, which cut the bright white of the paper and made it easier to find the correct values. Doing this is somewhat similar to putting a toned gesso on a canvas beforehand.

What I like about painting acrylic on paper that's been coated with acrylic first, if you follow that, is how smooth the surface is and how easily the paint flows.

FYI-I painted the palm trees first, then the shrubs in the foreground, then the adobe building, and finally the sky.

I like it.

Until next blog…

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