Monday, May 3

Selecting A Motif

My Reference Photo
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I’m sure I left you breathless a week or so ago when I posted three motifs that I was mulling over for my next painting. If you don’t remember or have a clue as to what I’m talking about, here’s a link to that blog. I asked my viewers to help me select one of the three motifs by leaving me a comment or a tweet on Twitter.

Well, the response was underwhelming as I should have guessed. We’re all busy, right?

Anyway, after much consideration and soul-searching (not really), I decided to paint Motif No. 1, which I’m calling Three Trees at least until it’s finished. I know several had voted for Motif No. 2, The Cows, but my artist friends really thought Three Trees would make the best painting.

They said it was the best motif because of the composition and mood. They liked the three classic main objects, the horizon line above the centerline, the colorful foreground of flowers, and the clouds floating by.

My last painting was an acrylic. However, I decided to do this one in watercolor rather than acrylic because I don’t want to go too long without painting in watercolor so as not to forget any of the techniques. Watercolor is tricky and takes practice—you know exactly what I mean if you are a watercolorist.

So I am in the process. I have just enlarged the reference photo, and I really like it. Now I’ll begin to transfer the image to my full-sheet of watercolor paper and go from there.

I’ll let you know how it’s going occasionally as I expect it to take at least two to three weeks to complete (all those wildflowers, you know).

Until next blog…

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