Monday, May 24

Monday Mornings in the Studio

My Reference Photo for Next Acrylic

Oh, it’s Monday morning again in the art studio—that's the time when I look around, with coffee mug in hand, to see what in the world is going on here and what the coming week may bring.

Here’s what I see:

Several completed paintings are lying around somewhere needing to be framed; I have measured and trimmed some of them and even bought Plexiglass for one, but I can’t remember which is which. So, I need to get all that organized.

I need to finish a purge of my art drawers that I began on Saturday. These are the drawers that hold all my art supplies so that I could get some of the supplies off the floor and into the drawers. In the process I decided that my jumbled pile of acrylic paint tubes needed organizing.

I got frustrated trying to decide how to group the acrylic colors, but settled on this: all the reds, violets, purples + burnt sienna in one drawer; the blues in another; the yellows, oranges + raw sienna in a third; the greens in a fourth; the whites in a fifth ( I have a lot of whites); the grays, blacks, and “other “(buff, gold, etc.) of which there are not that many, I put in zip-lock bag. If anyone has a better method, please leave a comment and let me know.

I need to begin work on my next painting, which is an acrylic. After several hours of searching through my digital photos last week to select a good motif, I finally settled on one. It’s a tight cropping of a sidewalk scene full of people near a beach; however, I cropped it so that only a few empty chairs and tables are visible.

I like it, whether anyone else does or not, and I think it will make an eye-catching and interesting painting. My reference photo is today’s image.

Have a nice art Monday.

Until next blog…

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